9 Important Things You Must Know About Donating Blood

9 Things You Must Know About Donating Blood

You probably have heard a million things about donating Blood and while we can’t verify whether they are true or false, here are 9 things you must know about donating blood.

1: It doesn’t take as long as you think

Yes, donating blood is not a day-long event. Even if you don’t have an appointment, you could save a life by donating blood in less than an hour. The actual blood donation itself takes less than 15 minutes. These
times are even less if you have an appointment.

2: You are the right age

Well except you are older than 60 or younger than 18 you are the right age
to give blood. Anyone aged 18 to 59 can and should donate blood every 12 weeks.

Even persons with Blood pressure problems and who take long term medication can donate blood after speaking with their Doctor.

3: The entire process is painless

Okay, not entirely painless, but it hurts no more than a needle prick. You don’t even feel the blood leaving . Honest.

4: It is a very safe procedure

You will not get a disease from donating blood. Every donor gets a new bag and a new unused needle. It is a very sterile process, with extra care taken to protect you.


Yup! Blood Donation is the only way to get blood to save lives. There is no
manufacturing it, and more often than not, there is no alternative to blood. Less than 5% of the world population has ever donated blood so donate and save a life today.

6: You don’t have to recover from giving blood

You are advised to refrain from strenuous activities a few hours following donation, but that is it. Your body is back to its awesome state and you can go about all your high-intensity activities the next day.

7: Blood saves lives

But you already know this, don’t you?. Every pint of blood donated, can save up to 3 Lives.

By donating blood you become a Hero and you don’t even have to hide your identity. Not every superhero wears capes you know.

8: Your blood will not run out

No, really. You have about 5-6 Ltrs of blood in your body, and you are only allowed to donate about 500mls. You are encouraged to drink fluids after, and your body ensures the volume of blood remains constant. Your blood cells replenish over days to weeks and you are back to optimum in .

9: You should sign up to donate blood

It is Painless, takes less than an hour and your blood will not run out. Take this golden opportunity to save a life. Volunteer at the nearest hospital or contact the National Blood Transfusion service.

Would you make a pledge to do this in 2020?

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