How Fintech Firm Make PayPal Payment Easy Via Flutterwave


For quite some days now Fintech firm has been really doing good job for all business personnel in Nigeria making payments and deposit easy for Global trading in Nigeria, Last year the firm announce they acquire paystack one of the online merchant payment created by Shola Akinlade & Ezra Olubi the Nigerian IT Guru, it has really generate millions and lots of payment platform has developed interest in using paystack.

The news that got to us in the beginning of these week was that the Leading fintech firm, Flutterwave, on Tuesday announced strategic partnership with PayPal, an online global payment platform making Nigerians and the entire Africans receive payment in there PayPal account via Flutterwave.

it is expected the partnership will enable over 377million customers bridge infrastructural weakness in doing business within Africans and the world.

The firm, in a tweet, said: “As we build the largest payment infrastructure in Africa

@theflutterwave, we also know that Africa does not exist in isolation.

“We need to Africa to the world when it comes to payments and we took a closer step to that today.

“All Paypal users now pay African businesses from anywhere in the world, on our gateway. We’re excited to be opening up a world of opportunities for businesses in Africa!”.

Just incase you are having doubt about creating a PayPal account in Nigeria and the fear of not receiving fund in your account should be erase off your mind because with flutterwave, you are on the Go, with your business home and abroad.

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