SWR FrontLiner “FAWAZZY” Release Lifestyle Video


Fawazzy Ibrahim popularly known as Fawazzy is currently signed to Street Wise Records (SWR). The young energetic singer, songwriter, performer and recording artist, he’s also a business man and hails from State.

Fawazzy grew up in kano state where started work with Black Horse Tobacco Ltd as a Northern Promotional Manager at a relatively young age. He is now a record label owner.

It is opined that extravagance is the luxury of the rich; penury is the luxury of the poor. This statement is apt in the lives of several Nigerian artistes who tend to show off their ‘wealth’ in a bid to constantly remain on the public eye for as long as possible. It has also been said that all decent live beyond their incomes nowadays, and those who aren’t respectable live beyond other people. A few gifted individuals manage to do both.

It is a good thing obviously to enjoy the works of your hand, however with moderation. Recently, the media, blogs, websites, etc. have been eroded with stories, articles, news centered on some activities of some artistes, though in different dimensions.

International superstar, entertainer and Under 18 crooner, fawazzy Nelson Ibrahim popularly known as Fawazzy is never from making huge statements and breaking new grounds in terms of how he appears. He is a disciple of the popular saying that “you are addressed the way you are dressed”. He takes particular interest in how he looks and this obviously was an important factor in his decision to dress expensively.

Fawazzy is in the music industry for good and he intends to reach the top and stay there for as long as possible.

In recent video which was covered by NUBUNKTV reveal the life style of this next rated artiste


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