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Van Pee Setting Trend With His New Unusual Afrobeats Sound

Van Pee
Prince Izuchukwu Vanpee Ezeh known as “VAN PEE” has released new promo images as he bids to storm the entertainment scene with unique sound and originality.
The Nigerian-042based artist, songwriter, singer and producer set to hit the music industry with his new single titled “ANOINTING OIL” scheduled to drop 26th of June 2021.
The UMU MIYANKI Crooner promises his fans and lovers all over the world the best and in his own words,
Van Pee appears to be one talents setting new standard for Afro-beat, Hiplife in Nigeria and across Africa.
Hiplife and Afro-beats, a genre of music that represents the sound and musical tune of Africa but it is saddening that many Nigerian artiste who claim to be Afro-beat acts are doing music far from what is true-afrobeat.
Van Pee is one of the few Nigerian artiste that can boast of discography filled with true Afro-beat and sometimes as the spirit leads, he could decide to be unusual by infusing some other elements to his Afro-beat and make it become what he describes as Afro-fusion.
The question that may likely comes to your mind at this point is; Why is Van Pee so good with his kind of genre?
The reason is not far-fetched, he is an artiste who grew up culturally rich, his background as a 042 boy born and raised in sought-west made him a complete package of Afro-beat and more.
Van Pee
Taking a wide look around the music industry, you will notice the dominance of South-West artistes and the huge success recorded from scores of artistes from the 042 base now imagine Can Pee as a combination of the two.
No doubt, Van Pee has what it takes to be the next big thing in the history of Afro-beat. His current social media activities have given a hint that he’s got a new song coming and it’s definately a project all Nigerian music lovers should watch out for.
Of course, the best of Van Pee is yet to come. Watch out for him!!

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