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Wale Thompson Is My Mentor – Prince Uc

Wale Thompson,Prince Uc
The RDM ENTERTAINMENT RECORDING LABEL music sensation Uche Augustine Peter popularly known as Prince Uc has disclosed in an Interview that Wale Thompson aka Mr Lalale Friday is his Music mentor..
When asked about the motivation behind his music he said ” I have to give all my respect and appreciation to Wale Thompson Mr Lalale Friday for redirecting my career. I lived in his house for several months and followed him to shows.
But as a blogger then I was always talking about politics but this wasn’t going down well with him. He always warn me to shun criticizing politicians and focus more on what I will like to become.
One day he heard me singing while I was waiting for him in his living room and asked me to record the song.. He advise me not to waste my musical talent on political criticism and be productive.
I listened to him and started working on my own songs.. Thank God for his advise, if not for his advise I won’t be with RDM ENTERTAINMENT RECORDING LABEL today”.
When asked if there is a chance he will be doing a collaboration with Wale Thompson, he said.. ” Yes I had already done a hit track soon to be released with my Godfather Wale Thompson titled OLOWO.
It was a wonderful experience in the studio singing with my mentor, The same man who advised me long ago about focusing on music. He is so humble and very encouraging also..
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